Don’t just stand there on the door step, you’ll catch your death!

Come on in, sit by the fire and I shall begin…….

This is my personal blog – the professional and grown up website can be found here.

I’d say that I’ve always had a passion for writing and started off creating my own little vivid stories at a young age. I also loved writing letters to Desperate Dan in the Dandy (and no, before you say, this wasn’t last week). Whilst I’d like to believe that I have matured somewhat, my family may beg to differ as I’m is often caught reading my daughter’s Beano under the stairs* and reminiscing about those bars of Highland Toffee which were always a free gift back in the day.

Mature or not, I’m a freelance journalist who likes to take up a challenge – in-between being mother to one husband, two children and a dog. I’m also attempting to write my first novel, but I’ve been known to be a bit of a dreamer, so I am still cracking on with the first draft.

In my spare time (what spare time) I enjoy meeting new people, drinking coffee and having a good old nosey on Twitter.
*That is a lie. I do not hide under the stairs.


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