What are you doing right now?

Instead of a Silent Sunday (because my Sunday is never quite silent), I thought I’d take a picture of what I’m actually doing, right now, and aim to do so every Sunday at around the same time.

It may not be an incredibly exciting post, but here it is anyway…..why don’t you join me & add your photograph below, or if you’d prefer Tweet it to me instead?

So far I’ve been stepping for an hour, whilst watching the series 1 finale of Downton Abbey.


Snot, tears & animations

I finally met up with the lovely Keris the other day for a delicious salted caramel mocha (it was divine, thank you for asking) and we somehow got on to tearjerker animations. You know the ones, don’t you?


For me there’s two: The Little match Girl and THAT SCENE from UP (both below)

I just watched them both again, you know, for the purpose of this blog and all, to make sure…..who am I kidding, I’m just a big softy and wear my heart on my sleeve. It is official – I’m a blithering mess. Snot, tears, the works. It ain’t pretty here, I can tell you!

World War Z. Bill & Ted. (A lazy Sunday)

Brad Pitt. Matthew Fox. Zombie film. In the words of Bill & Ted…”Excellent, dude.”

I cannot wait.

And, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

P.S. Have you noticed how fine Keanu Reeves looks with a beard. Damn.

I sorta lost track of what they were discussing here…

Get your tits out for the lads

Last week I was queuing up in the Post Office when I turned round and saw a newspaper offering a free Lego gift to every reader. Then I spotted the name of the paper in question, and decided not to bother, simply because of the content on page three. In my eyes, it is derogatory, to not only women, but also to children and families who strive to make equality a (rightful) part of every day life.

Growing up, I saw it ‘around’ at a friend’s house, and recall feeling quite uneasy. I can also distinctly remember that I used to breathe a sigh of relief because my Mum and Dad didn’t read that paper ‘with all the boobs in’. I didn’t know why, at the time, it felt quite disturbing. Now, as an adult, and with a family of my own, I can see why I did, and why it should not be the ‘norm’.
It felt belittling then – and sadly, in letting those disparaging images flood thousands of homes, we have, in effect, let our society become desensitised to what was once classed as a ‘soft porn’. Yes, I can see you now, chuckling away, thinking I’m just another one of ‘those’ feminists who hates pornography and wants it banned. Well, that’s were you are wrong.

If you want to look at a scantily clad man or woman, and whether it is in picture or video format, I say fine – as long as you ARE a mature adult able to make those choices and not have them made for you. As an adult you are able to weigh up the pros and cons and should know the boundaries. In allowing this facade to continue we have become a culture who have not only desensitised ourselves, but we are now allowing our children to become accustomed also, when they are already growing up at an alarming rate.

Children should not be submitted to this – but are everyday, whether it is in the newsagents, the home or elsewhere. Once that page has turned it is impossible to go back, and a whole new door opens.

“Women are still sorely underrepresented in public life generally and on any given day, the Page 3 model is likely to be the most prominent woman in the most prominent paper in the country. This sends a powerful message that women are not men’s equals, but their eye candy.”
Ruth Whippman

Going back to my childhood, the only women ‘dominating’ the papers, were either on page 3 or Margaret Thatcher (I’m aware I may well be wrong on this, but these are the only women I can remember seeing on a continual basis).

We talk this equality, but really were are we with it? We fight sexism in the workplace, the home and the street, but it is still going strong on page 3.

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Unemployed. Unemployable.

fit in

So, I’m what you call technically ‘unemployed’ and, to be honest, down on paper, I’m probably I am, unemployable – how do I know this? We’ll touch on that shortly, but first we’ll address my status of being out of work. … Continue reading